(Character & Breed Assessment) KUSA Schedule 5F Regulation 9.1.11 wif 2/4/15



The first CBA for a Bullmastiff took place in 2010 under the auspices of the WP Boerboel Club and MBISS Ch Chizelhurst Chenjela became the first Bullmastiff in Southern Africa to gain his CBA (BA) qualification.


2011 saw four more Bullmastiffs awarded with the CBA

Ghillie Amadeus
Canonbury Ellie Mae
Ch LaGratitude Poppy’s Scarlet
Arusumo Kisha Theia



2012 saw three more Bullmastiffs awarded with the CBA 

LaGratitude Good Luck Charm of Chizelhurst
Ch LaGratitude Grand Slam
MBISS Ch LaGratitude Durango Duke



2013 saw one Bullmastiff awarded with a CBA

Sabrina of Sanniesebos



2014  saw two Bullmastiffs awarded the CBA

LaGratitude African Drummer

Rogvalley Azzura Mia




2015  This year saw five Bullmastiffs earn their Character & Breed Assessment ‘colours’ – two of them with an excellent rating

Sanniesebos Spooner CBA (Ex)

Chizelhurst Checkmate of Haaita CBA (Ex)

Sanniesebos Susquehanna of Chizelhurst CBA

Sanniesebos Stander CBA

Ch Lagratitude African  dream of Haaita CBA





2016 Character & Breed Assessment

CH LaGratitude Atticus Earl

Sanniesebos Suri Sukani of Chizelhurst




2018 Character & Breed Assessment

Sanniesebos Mamma Mia