This Speciality Club for Bullmastiffs and their Fanciers was established in September 2011 for specifically the Western Cape region of South Africa.

However the Clubs’ popularity grew in leaps and bounds and at present has members’ resident throughout South Africa’s nine Provinces, as well as in Namibia, the USA, Russian Federation, the Philippines and Australia.
There is a Constitution and Code of Ethics registered with KUSA and our Mission objective is to envisage a future where there will be healthy Bullmastiffs in stable family relationships throughout brought about by the combined and positive and continued input from the breeders and owners.
The Club offers the following:  
  • Advice on breeding programmes and healthy kennel Management
  • A Stud Register for breeders
  • Rescue Scheme
  • Puppy socialization and Ring craft training
  • Support of the KUSA Breed Confirmation Shows
  • A monthly News letter… And much much more.

Enquiries to the Chair lady : info@capebullmastiffclub.co.za visit our Contact Us page.